| 8 stages, | 9 nights, | 2200 kilometres, | de ALGECIRAS | a MERZOUGA DOUNES and ATLAS
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Assure a successful holiday plan with ADVENTURE TRAIL.

Our personal adventure began in 1995, specialized since then in desert moto journeys: Libia, Tunisia and Morocco. We’ve been taking 2 to 6 expeditions every year, which have build our team as great experienced and professional individuals that count with enough contacts and means to guarantee an excellent moto journey.

This tour it’s suitable to be done with a passenger

Passenger: 4 on-road legs travelling by motorcycle / 4 off-road legs travelling by truck (4×4)

Viaje Moto Trail Marruecos - Viaje Moto Trail - Enduro

Pure 100% essence trail tour. 8 intense legs, which become a very different experience each one: exoticism, hospitality and adventure. It’s not “another trip”, it’s a truly non-forgettable tour.

Viaje Moto Trail Marruecos - Viaje Moto Trail - Enduro

This tour is “escaping from routine” focused: friendship, effort, overcoming, goals achievement, peace given by nature… All of this as we drive by a stunning environment that you will keep in your heart forever.

Never a beer tasted that awesome as the ones we share in the middle of the Moroccan desert. .

Viaje moto Marruecos trail aventura
Viaje moto Marruecos trail aventura

Very technical sand steps in the Moroccan Sahara, “orpist” navigation, large open spaces where you can feel your motorcycle trail to the limit, dry lakes and wading rivers, the majestic Atlas, its narrow gorges, stony tracks and deep forests. All this will remain in your memory forever.

A trip driven by our motorcycle guides, who put all their effort into your safety and fun.

Viaje Moto Trail Marruecos - Viaje Moto Trail - Enduro

Assisted by our professional logistics and health team on board the 4×4 truck that will follow your steps wherever you are.

So that you reach the magnificent and remote accommodations that we select for you.

“Ladies and gentlemen, please turn off your cell phones, relax and enjoy.”

Program Summary

ProgramVehicle and routeKmsStage
FridayMeeting at Algeciras
Saturday100% onroad327Algeciras-Fez
Sunday100% onroad396Fez-Erfoud
Monday80% off-road115Sand test
Tuesday95% off-road135Sand
Wednesday80% off-road240Atlas
Thursday40% off-road305Atlas
Friday25% off-road268Forest
Saturday100% onroad-ferry327Border
SundayBreakfast and programme-end


A journey where there’s no gonna be a lack of native cusine.



Valid Passport
Driving license
Travel insurance (with repatriation)
*Is NO necessary to get any Visa or vaccine to take this journey.

Green card insurance
Circulation permit
Permiso circulación.
Transport authorization (We’ll attach the document model)


1490€ driver

890€ companion

(Minimum 15 drivers)

Programme includes:
*9-night accommodation in shared rooms
*Half board in Morocco
*Spain - Morocco / Morocco – Spain ferry.
*Border procedures
*Refuel on track (Fuel price not included)
*Daily luggage transport
*Guide while driving.
*Medical staff and first-aid kit
*4x4 truck on route
*Broadcasting radio and local telephone.
*Repairing tools and compressor
*Mechanical basic assistance


Trail motorcycles from 600cc
*Minimum autonomy: 150km

Recommended tyres:
Pirelli Scorpion Rally o Rally STR
Continental TKC 80

Driver equipment:
*Trail or endure suit with protective equipment or iner cuirass
*Trail or Enduro tough boots and kneepads
*Swimsuit, sleeping bag and personal pharmacy
*Sunscreen and lip balm
*Comfortable clothes and luggagebr> *Cap and sunglasses
*Expected weather: from 5ºC to 30ºC





*Rental motorcycle: 950€ (according to availability):
Yamaha XT660R & Honda CRF250L
*Motorcycle transport from and to Valencia-Algeciras: 475€
*Single room: 290€

PREPAGO 10% 150€+IVA=180€