Our experience speaks for itself: It’s since 2003 that we teach moto-trail driving courses monthly, all of them based on the BMW programme.

Those courses come by the hand of Roc Lloret, head-trainer certified (since 2004) by the BMW Motorroad IIA (International instructors Academy) and also held by his professional team of instructors.

With no hesitation, as if by magic, our team tries hard to take fears, mistakes and insecurities away.

You’ll find at your disposal our premium facilities:

Enclosed off-road track area, specifically designed for moto-trail training

Routes and real practices out-doors

Audiovisual room for theoretical teaching.

Garage for you to discover the mechanic mysteries of your motorbike.

Other amenities like restaurant-bar, accommodation, swimming pool for you to make the most out of your learning.

Ask for information: you’ll surely get excellent reviews, as our courses mean a before an after in people’s way of experiencing their motorbike.

Cursos Moto Trail - Escuela Moto Trail - Viajes Moto Trail - Enduropark

Start out in our exclusive driving enclosed track, designed for you to find out all secrets your moto has been hiding until now.

Cursos Moto Trail - Escuela Moto Trail - Viajes Moto Trail - Enduropark

Get improved at our more than 1500km long enclosed off-road tracks: suitable for all levelled trainees -no matter the level- where to put in practice their new moto skills.

Cursos Moto Trail - Escuela Moto Trail - Viajes Moto Trail - Enduropark

On top of everything, we are proud of sharing the greatest of the environments where our facilities could be with you. This unique environment means for us, a fundamental key to your success in your off-road bet.

The courses

Exclusive for you…
Experience: monthly courses since 2003.
Professionalism: BMW IIA certified since 2004.
Passion: for teaching, for your improvement, for your enjoying…
Spaces dedicated for theorical teaching and practice learning.
Courses for you to get started out in your maxitrail moto.
Enclosed track, full created for trail training
Out-doors practice routes
Accommodation: camping, wooden cottage or bungalow
Swimming pool (Available for months: July-August)
¡And… most of all: the greatest riders vibes!


Customized training for riding-adventurers. That’s our strength: bringing the best out of you as a maxi-trail rider.

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