Enduropark Spain, -the former Enduropark Aras-, begins its journey in 2003, handled by Roc Lloret: certified instructor since 1995 by the IIA international Instructors Academy by BMW, who has been exclusively dedicated to this thrilling business.

Its training as a teacher and huge experience makes him capable of bringing out the good in you, easily achieving flawless driving technics, devoid of fears, making all together its motto come true; “ENDUROPARK SPAIN, IS A BEFORE AN AFTER IN YOUR MOTORBIKE PERCEPTION”

All images posted at this web belong to our journeys and courses, and are part of our history

Quienes Somos - Escuela Moto Trail - Viajes Moto Trail - Enduro

Probably, we’re not perfect, but our 20 years of experience leads us to an excellence position as trainers and tour guides, who, with high grade of teacher vocation, simplicity and strength, make your life experiences off-road remain with you forever

At Enduropark Spain school you will find :

Great weather and location (73km west from Valencia city)

Rental motorbikes.

Cabins and wooden cottages, Motorhome and camping spaces.

Show room, mechanics workshop, swimming pool, restaurant and terrace.

Audiovisual room for events

Offroad circuit: exclusive for moto trail training (30.000m2)

Endless offroad rutes for all levels

You can also find in a 1km distance -in Tuéjar village: Swimming area by the river, gas oil station, hotel, pharmacy, ATM, several bars, supermarket and a 24h medical centre

DISTANCES: MADRID 325k / BARCELONA 411k / ZARAGOZA 278k / SEVILLA 640k / MURCIA 302k / BILBAO 532k / OVIEDO 831k / A CORUÑA 976k

Quienes Somos - Escuela Moto Trail - Viajes Moto Trail - Enduro

Roc Lloret is also the owner of Alto Turia Adventours travel agency, from where he manages: Enduropark Spain brand -Motorcyclist trail and off road school-, Enduropark Adventours brand -Adventure journeys and other motorbike raids-, and Motonomadas brand -devoted to large themed journeys-.

His absolute dedication to the business since 1995, endorses Roc as an expert driver, organiser and host. In this context, the best routes selection, designed by Roc himself on the field, and the easy-going teaching to his trainees prevails.

Roc has also designed some of the most exclusive and unparalleled journeys for the beginners, professionals or expert adventurers: Transpirenaica 1995, Pirinean Rallye 1996, Libia gran Sahara 1997, Alto Turia Ride 2001, Marruecos GS Riders 2004, Marruecos Safari Enduro 2005, Tres Reinos 2005, Cabo a Cabo 2007, Ruta del Cid 2008, Marruecos Trail Aventura 2011, Marruecos Aventura Onroad 2015, 100% Ibérica 2018 etc.

Integrity, experience, efficacy and method are the features that assure the best sensations off-road one could ever live. More than 100 are the expeditions all over Africa and the Spanish territory, enjoyed and lived with the same passion and excitement of the first day.

His motto: “Success is not measured by your achievements, but for the difficulties you overcome.

Quienes Somos - Escuela Moto Trail - Viajes Moto Trail - Enduro


MIREYA:   The boss. She makes easy the impossible. Tough and persistent organiser, in whom it’s extremely hard to find any logistical mistake.

Paco, Javi, Héctor, Emilio and Salva , Tour guides and trainers. mature, experienced and wise teachers who grasp your needs at a glance, helping you when required.

ELENA: “First aid”. Your bruises will be in good hands with her eternal smile, willingness and -for sure- a first aid kit.

ADRIAN, Enduropark Media. Tireless, he gathers the essence of our journeys and courses in his eyes, and keeps them forever, together with your best moments in his camera.

JOSEP,  Our communication manager, who keeps you up to date with our adventures.

As you can see, an experienced, faithful and professional team, who works relentless, giving their best, for you.






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